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– DISCLAIMER – All information provided on Bipolar Bob’s BLOGs (BBB) is for educational purposes only. This is not to be considered medical advice for you and your individual condition. You MUST consult YOUR psychiatrist PRIOR to implementing any of the advice that you find anywhere on these web pages.

(in no particular order)

Tip #1 Therapy, therapy, therapy. 
Individual therapy, group therapy, support groups, and/or 12-step programs (with a sponsor) are all very important. It is an ongoing process, not a get’er done in a few sessions.

Tip #2 The single most important indicator for predicting patient recovery.
How your family and support system react to your illness. It sounds strange, but I heard this one in a lecture given by a psychiatrist that I trust many years ago.

Tip #3 Did I take my medication today?
If I can’t remember if I took my pills on time, then I take a half a dose half way to next pill time. BE CAREFUL with this one! Check with YOUR psychiatrist first.

Tip #4 What I do to help remember my meds.
I take meds at night and in the morning everyday. When I take my night time dose, I pull out the AM dose and put it on my computer keyboard above the function keys. Now I have a visual reminder of the last time I took my meds.

Tip #5 A note about self-medicating.
Please don’t self-medicate without at least giving your psychiatrist accurate information about what you are actually taking. If you can’t be honest with your psychiatrist then it is time to find one that you do trust.

Tip #6 Give a support group or two an honest try.
Go at least 4 or 6 times to see who the regulars are and to let you see how things run generally. Don’t let one disruptive person keep you away from this valuable source of information and support. I was amazed at how similar my stories were to the ones that I heard.

Tip #7 Set and keep a regular sleep schedule.
Changes in sleep patterns can be an easy way to spot mood changes before they get out of control. If changes continue more than 2 or 3 days then you should contact your therapist or psychiatrist that day.

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