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March 28, 2007

Mood Crash seems to loom

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Even though I’m getting lots of stuff done everyday, but it takes so much out of me. I go out and run one or two errands, and I have to come home and have a nap. I still get in a couple of hours of poker everyday too. I have been playing tournaments at Absolute Poker and Party Poker and even won a Friday night 4000 seat play money game at PP. I have made the final table, by folding like a madman a few times in the last year, but this is the first time I had a handle on my tables and the chips to do the work. 4 hours 10 minutes of hard playing for something like 30,000 play chips that could be easily won in a single had in the ring games I usually play on PP.


I’m rambling. Which brings me to…. I haven’t been posting. I think this is an indicator of eminent mood change too. I have been playing on line poker until I drop and flop in my bed. Late at night is the hour I have mostly used to write these posts. I often time edit times of postings so there are many more that were done after 2 AM. Anyway, things seems good, I’m keeping busy, and taking care of business.


February 21, 2007

I saw Barack Obama yesterday

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Barack had a rally in Los Angeles Tuesday. He said all the stuff that I expected him to say. The one surprise was he promised universal health care, with emphasis on prevention, in his first four years. There was a good crowd, I would have guessed 10,000 but I heard estimates on the news that it was only 3,000 people. I had to leave the mosh pit mid speech because my feet were hurting so bad from standing for 3 hours. Also I was a bit paranoid in the crowd, thinking that there were secret service watching me because I had a backpack. There were many cops around directing traffic, but I didn’t see any security once I was inside. This lead me to believe that they were hiding in plain site, and that anyone around me was security. I tried not to let it bother me, it was just that they were crowding me, actually touching me, as they had pushed their way up to where I was standing. All I had in in my bag were my ‘No more war$’ Camo Peace T-shirts, but no one ever asked to see what I had. I wanted to sell a few, but I didn’t have the guts to show them to anyone. I saw a good spot to sell them as the people were walking out, but I was too tired, and still worried about all the police. I don’t know how I am going to unload these shirts if I don’t ever even TRY to sell one.

I got a check in the mail from my old boss. She wrote a short note, in which she said that she only paid half of what I asked for the trip to the car dealer. No appology, no I want you back. Fine with me. I just cashed the check and she is now dust in my rear view mirror.

February 17, 2007

Paranoia raising it’s head.

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Grandiose and paranoid, that’s what today was. (yesterday now, it’s 3AM) I was in Venice with Ned and as I sat in the parking lot, a police motorcycle parked 15 feet behind me. He talked with the people coming and going as he stood in the shade. Ned made a second stop a few blocks down, and while parked on the street I start watching the police cars 2 or 3 in less than 5 minutes. I even suspect the woman who parks behind me and sits for 4 minutes before getting out of her car. It didn’t look like she was listening to the radio or anything, then she slowly walked by my car and into a business 4 doors away. A woman shuffles by looking a bit shabby but not so bad. I figure that she’s in on it too. 1 minute later she is walking back towards me. Ned gets back after a few minutes and I feel good to be rolling. Another minute later and I’m suspecting one car behind me is a tail. They turn off and I suspect another. Luckily no one followed down his street. The whole way home it was the same except for 3 or 4 minutes of not spotting the tail. I was so glad to be home and smoking a cigarette. I wonder why I saw so many cops in Venice today? Are the Feds watching me? I haven’t asked that last question in lots of years.

January 1, 2007

– Disclaimer –

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