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March 10, 2007

….and more poker + DLS rant

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Poker on TV, poker on the computer, and I told my therapist George that I want to find some real life action in poker. I have found a weekday afternoon tournament for $10 a seat, and some I want to check out at a local casino tomorrow too.

So today I am reminded that the US government thinks that we are more important than nature. This stupid daylight savings thing, a process of changing the clocks twice a year to “beat” mother nature was not good enough for them. Now they change the date of the time change. I do not want to change my clocks anymore. Pick a time and stick with it. The rest of the world can enjoy the change of seasons naturally. We hardly have any seasons at all here in Southern California, and the time change is much more traumatic then the natural shifting of sunrise and sunset. With policies like this I wonder why I am surprised that they don’t believe in global warming, or as they say now… Maybe it’s a good thing. I have been disgusted with American politics for many years now. I try not to pay attention to it, but when ever I hear something in passing, it’s rarely good news in my mind.


February 14, 2007

Happy V.D. Everyone

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Yesterday I went through hell. My friend wanted me to take her to go buy a used car with her. Last time I was her beard for car shopping she gave me 20 bucks. I naturally assumed we were gonna do something similar this time. When we finally sit down with the salesman (and he gives us a moment alone) she says something to the effect that I’m doing this out of the goodness of my heart. I get a knot in my stomach right then. Now not only do I have to deal with the a– hole car salesmen, but now I’m doing it for free. Four hours into the deal they jack the price back up $2000 for an extended warranty that they had previously said was included in the purchase price. She gets mad and says let’s walk. I play the part to it’s fullest and start tossing the f-word around. It’s wasn’t much of an act cause I was tired of the whole situation. I walk out and she doesn’t follow. 2 minutes later the salesman comes out to my car to get me to come back in and I tell him to go to hell. 2 minutes after that, here comes his manager. I have the radio blasting Tom Petty’s “ I won’t stand down.” and I just wave him off. He wants me to turn down the radio, and I start screaming again. He gets the point and walks away. CAR SALESMEN ARE SCUM OF THE EARTH! My friend did her share to piss me off too. At least she had the good sense not to say a word on the drive home. When she calls me today and asks for another ride to the dealership to take delivery of the car, she is gonna get an ear full, and I am not going to do it under any circumstances. I’m gonna ask for 50 bucks for what she put me through yesterday, if she declines, or offers less, I’ll take it, but that will be the LAST time I do anything for her.

After I dropped her off I was trembling and shaking for about 2 hours because it all got me so upset. I’m steaming and make up an invoice for her for all the stuff that I have done for her in the last two weeks. If she balks or haggles with me much at all, I’m gonna tell her off big time. And then ask that she looses my phone number as all she does is call to ask for favors. I have had enough!

Well now it’s the morning after and I have cooled down a bit. Writing this has helped slightly, but if I get any back talk, I still want to cut her off.

February 13, 2007

Mood is smoothing out

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Well my sleep has gotten back to normal, and I’m not so frantic about about this website stuff either. Now that I think that I have Word Press figured out I have calmed down a lot. I still have not taken much of a look at what’s out there already on other BLOGs about Bipolar Disorder. I should take a look at what other BLOGs are doing.

My problem these days is a mild but always ready to flare road rage. If anyone does even the slightest thing that doesn’t conform to my frame of etiquette and driving rules, I go nuts. I don’t blow up at them, but if you are in the car with me you’ll get and ear full of swear words. I just let these idiots drive my heart rate up. I know it’s just because they don’t know any better, or are too busy on the the blackberry or phone. I don’t really mind the ones that are in a hurry and have to cut me off, they will crash into someone soon enough. As long as they don’t hit me, I just try to give them a wide berth and let them go. But if you stick me behind a red light cause you can’t pull into the intersection to get ready for a left turn, you are gonna get the horn. That’s a big one in my neighborhood, lots of traffic and lefts can be tough, so there is a lot of left turn arrows. When you get that arrow, get a move on, it doesn’t last all day. I just wish it wouldn’t effect me so deeply. It’s so petty. I got no place to go. It doesn’t matter if I miss two or three lights on the way to lunch, I’ll eat 5 minutes later. What’s to get upset about. Now that I’m getting better sleep it’s really not as bad, but I keep mutter under my breath filthy obscenities.

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