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April 4, 2007

I’m still here…..

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So sorry I haven’t been posting. I have 14 minutes before my next poker tournament starts on Party Poker so let’s see what I can whip out in the next couple of minutes. Most of my time has been spent on on line free poker tournaments. At least three of them a day. I’m sure I mentioned the win a couple of weeks ago, and last night I made the top 18 on an Absolute game with about 1400 seats. I have only played a few (less than 6) tournaments on Full Tilt. I just seem to blow-up big and soon when on F T. Now that I have been playing much better, I should try this style on F T to see if it is successful over there.

The other big draw on my time the last weeks has been watercolor painting. I have done a couple of good paintings, but don’t know how to finish a couple. They started good, but I was trying to make the trees abstract, and I don’t like them with the heavy detail that will become the gazebo. I did a nice first draft of a sunset picture with a sailboat sillouet. That one is gonna be good, but I’m sure that the other one of the SD Bay Bridge will be much more popular. I need to get…… tournament is starting now, later.

PS i placed about 300 in this one.


March 28, 2007

Mood Crash seems to loom

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Even though I’m getting lots of stuff done everyday, but it takes so much out of me. I go out and run one or two errands, and I have to come home and have a nap. I still get in a couple of hours of poker everyday too. I have been playing tournaments at Absolute Poker and Party Poker and even won a Friday night 4000 seat play money game at PP. I have made the final table, by folding like a madman a few times in the last year, but this is the first time I had a handle on my tables and the chips to do the work. 4 hours 10 minutes of hard playing for something like 30,000 play chips that could be easily won in a single had in the ring games I usually play on PP.


I’m rambling. Which brings me to…. I haven’t been posting. I think this is an indicator of eminent mood change too. I have been playing on line poker until I drop and flop in my bed. Late at night is the hour I have mostly used to write these posts. I often time edit times of postings so there are many more that were done after 2 AM. Anyway, things seems good, I’m keeping busy, and taking care of business.

March 25, 2007

Poker in the park

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I forgot to add poker to the last post. I played poker in the park today. There were 18 players for the freeroll. Winners of the pot luck contest got playing cards. It was a timed event after we messed around with eating for so long. Blinds went up big and fast. I had hardly played a hand and was getting short, before I was forced to start stealing blinds. Then when time ran out I had to go all in on the last hand to try and get enough chips to win, but all I had in the pocket was 2-6. Needless to say I did not win, but that 90K donation to our table winner let her win the overall chip count of all players remaining in the game at the end of play. I had fun and meet a good new group. The problems with them are stakes are too high ($35 with add ons and re-buys usually) and they have a $5 rake for the setup. I don’t know if I will play with them anytime soon.

60 Minutes brings up a question, (and more poker)

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First off, I know that 60 Minutes on CBS has been known for distortions of facts to fit story lines they choose.  That being said,  they had a Muslim man who was active in recruting British Muslims for terrorist activities.  When he questioned his handles about justifications for his actions, they recommended ‘re-programing’.  He was offended and left the fold (at great personal risk) (I  doubt going on 60 Minutes will make his old friends happy either.)  He was looking for religious leaders to teach him God’s plan, and they did not have answers.  So listening to this led me to the question,  

Why do the Muslim leaders brainwash the population to be hateful and murderous of other faiths?  —   An answer has come to me while I type but it does not justify anything, merely slight mittigation.  What I realized was this,  the United States Millatary brainwashes all of it’s members in what we call boot camp.  The blind acceptance of authority that is required in the Millatary heiarchy for the high pressure and time constraints that armed conflict brings.  I know it’s tough, I know you need troups to follow orders without question or discussion.  Brainwashing is quick and effective, both sides use it to create killers, and it leaves the survivors of brainwashing a mess in the years following their service. 

March 16, 2007

Poker Tournament #2

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I found a $10 home game that runs a couple of games a day. I think they play everyday, but they didn’t seem to want to let on to it in front of me or something. The host’s inflection when talking about what to do on St. Patrick’s day sounded strange to me. It was just the way he said, maybe I’ll get a game together, sounded funny. I know I’m the sucker in the room, and I didn’t let them bully me too much, but I really hate it when people talk in blatant code in front of me.

Each pot I would limp in on, one of them would put in a big raise. I lost a few big blinds like that so I folded many hands I would have liked to see a flop. I wait for a pair and limp then call the 4x raise. Two over cards on the flop, I hesitate with my eyes on the flop and check. He, on my immediate left, bets 6x and I fold quickly. He put me on 5-5 as it was my first pot, and he made a point of announcing it was my first flop. I thought that was a bit rude, but whatever. There was a lot of talk about who had what that last hand, and even some cards folded face up on a showdown. They made it a very friendly game, but they forced me into tight mode and that allowed me to win a big pot from the big blind when I hit the top of the junk that flopped.

Even though we had a non playing dealer, who is in training, I noticed two short pots. I was in seat one so the guy on my left was quick to remind me to post the BB when it came around and I hadn’t posted, then he shorts an ante later. They had announced that he would steal chips from a pot if you give him a chance too, even if it was a quarter, and that’s just what he shorted the pot. I mainly didn’t say anything because I thought it was the dealer’s job, and I was just shocked when she just raked in the bets without counting the chips. A bit later there was a short stack all in and a side pot. That took a minute to get all counted out. Another problem is the payout. Top three get paid ( 7 , 14 , and 59 I think ) that is a little bit heavy on first place. I think 2 nd place usually gets half of first and 3 rd gets half of 2 nd. Whatever the payout scheme, I had asked after the first KO if it was winner take all and they told me top three and gave me the break down. I instantly had objection the the breakdown, but didn’t mention it. So that means third place you lose only $3. I think that third should break even, but at $10 a game, I’ll give them ten games before I complain about that. With such a split between 2 nd and first I was amazed at how quickly it went, when they started very close in chip count, when heads up started. The host was the winner, and was table captain most of the game.

Anyway, I came in 4 th so the payout didn’t make any practical difference to me. Man …. money on the line and I don’t speak up. What will it take for me to stand up for my rights. I still haven’t called Dawn to let her know what all went behind my quiting that job. Anyway, I won a few pots, I think I did well folding when bet into after the flop. The guy on my immediate left was really pushy when we were in pots together, but he did that to everyone.

March 11, 2007

Real Life Poker

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I entered a $25 Texas Hold’em tournament today. It was my first time in a real poker room and I thought there were a lot of people there on a Sunday afternoon. I was not happy with the structure as I thought it would be a not re buy event. As soon as we sat down, everyone at the table pulls out another $25 for and extra 1500 chips. There I am with only 500 and the big blind is starting at 50 chips. I don’t want to start this far behind so I begrudgingly pull out a second $25 to start out even. I had split one pot with top two pair, and folded pretty much everything else, when I get pocket queens. One of the bigger stacked guys raises to 600 and I just call. I’m telling myself fold if you see a K or A on the flop automatic. An ace comes, he goes all in, and I push my last 1100 in knowing he has an A. I just couldn’t help myself. Blank Blank on the turn and river and he wins with A 9 off. No one bagged on me, but I did make a quick exit. There was 5 minutes or so left until the first break, so I could have bought more chips, but I thought that for $50 I got some good entertainment even if it was only 3 or 4 hands I played. I guess that of the 5 tables I was the first one out as everyone else had been buying more chips. Not much sucess at my first try, but I did have fun. I need to find a cheaper game with lower starting blinds.

March 10, 2007

….and more poker + DLS rant

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Poker on TV, poker on the computer, and I told my therapist George that I want to find some real life action in poker. I have found a weekday afternoon tournament for $10 a seat, and some I want to check out at a local casino tomorrow too.

So today I am reminded that the US government thinks that we are more important than nature. This stupid daylight savings thing, a process of changing the clocks twice a year to “beat” mother nature was not good enough for them. Now they change the date of the time change. I do not want to change my clocks anymore. Pick a time and stick with it. The rest of the world can enjoy the change of seasons naturally. We hardly have any seasons at all here in Southern California, and the time change is much more traumatic then the natural shifting of sunrise and sunset. With policies like this I wonder why I am surprised that they don’t believe in global warming, or as they say now… Maybe it’s a good thing. I have been disgusted with American politics for many years now. I try not to pay attention to it, but when ever I hear something in passing, it’s rarely good news in my mind.

March 4, 2007

Poker poker poker

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 So it’s been lots more free rolls on Absolute Poker. My plans for playing real money are now gone because I read the fine print on the 100% bonus. The restrictions on withdrawal of the bonus are much more strict than I expected. It looks like I’ll have to stay in the play money side of this site. So much for that get rich quick scheme. I should just delete Absolute Poker right now.

I have been spending hours watercolor painting too. The foreground of a landscape of Sedona Az is coming along quite nicely. It’s of Bell Rock, I found it in a book I got on a trip to Sedona years ago. There is certainly plenty of red rocks to work on at tomorrows art support group. Then I’m gonna go and see my uncle for a couple of days.

March 2, 2007

Lunch with Mom and Dad (but first Poker)

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I just signed up on Absolute Poker a couple of days ago. I’m Mr_Smoke on there too, and have had mad beginners luck. They start you out with 2000 chips. In the first 15 minutes I had to ask for an extra 2000 chips 3 or 4 times, but now three days later I have 100K. I played 3 free roll tourneys with about 900 seats in each. I made the money in the first. The final table in the second. And tilted out of the third after the first break because I had to leave and drive to Mom and Dad’s house for lunch today. I’m thinking about giving real money a try on here. I think I will head to the 2,000 chip NL Hold’em tables on Absolute Poker now.

I did tell Mom and Dad about quitting my job finally, and they were supportive. My Mom asked if it would hurt me financially, and I said it would be no problem, but now that I think about it, that was the wrong answer. I just don’t want to hit them up for money unnecessarily. They are always there when I need them, and I’m very lucky and glad to have that kind of support.

February 1, 2007

A bit of incense in the early AM

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I just lit a stick of Nag Champa incense. I think I’ll be typing for at least another hour. I did take a break about an hour ago and lost 20K play chips at Full Tilt Poker in about 15 minutes. I have just not had the patients to play poker very seriously for over a week now. I guess hypo manic is not a good mind set to play poker. I will be switching to Party Poker for the next week, see you there. I’m Mr_Smoke on both sites.

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