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About Bob’s Family

Mom- Mom has ailments for a woman in her 70’s, but exercises most everyday and is quite active. She takes senior education classes at the community college and Senior Community that she lives in with my Dad about an hour away.

Dad- Dad has had both hips replaced and still gets around great and goes to classes with Mom. He also likes tending the vegetable garden and collecting orchids.

Sister- She lives a few minutes from my Mom and Dad. She has a great (and tall) husband and two children.

Brother- He lives an hour further away than Mom and Dad and lives with his wife and two children too.

The family all gets together for birthdays and such and it is always a nice afternoon or evening. We are all good people and I think that it is because we all have had good and caring parents that spent time with their children in the formative years. Having a calm and stable environment to grow up in is paramount for childhood development. We are all very good and kind people and have no serious animosity between any of us.


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