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About Dawn
She is a bipolar woman, 50 years old. She grew up on the west side of Los Angeles. She has lived various places but has come back to live on L.A.’s west side. She was running the affective disorders support group at SHARE when I first joined. The group was averaging only about 6 people at the once weekly group. I became friends with Dawn and her boyfriend (also bipolar and a member of the support group). We would go out to eat once in a while, have barbecues at another bipolar couple’s apartment, and occasional afternoon movie.

Now she lives alone with her small dog and needs help as she has a number of medical problems. Worst of which is she needs a kidney transplant due to damage done by psych medication not being properly monitored my semi-annual blood tests. This requires 8 hours of dialysis at night 7 days a week. I empty and setup the cycler machine for her 4 days every week. She also has me drive her to hospital once each week to see the dialysis nurse and get checked out. There are always additional trips and stops that she wants to make and they make me crazy. Even so I have not missed a day of scheduled work (except for Christmas) including every Saturday and Sunday for the last 6 months.

She is always grateful and usually in good spirits. She claims to be unipolar manic (a diagnosis I have never heard of except from her) but I have seen her depressed from time to time in the 10 years I have know her. I consider her one of my closest friends and am glad to do the work for her that I do. I just wish it paid more than $120 a month.

About Ned 
Ned a 46 year old naturalized immigrant from Eastern Europe. We met in the affective disorders support group at SHARE about 10 years ago. He has severe unipolar depression. Even though he was struggling with severe and persistent depression he continued to work a high powered job with “lives on the line.” He is afraid of discrimination on the job should he be able to go back, so he is worried about disclosure of to much personal information on this site. 

While attending the group Ned didn’t say much at all. I could see he was a good guy from the little that he did say. He would come regularly and not say much if anything. It so reminded me of myself when I started going to my first group at UCLA in Westwood. I was practically cationic for the first 4 or 6 months I went, but I missed only a few Mondays. One night when I saw Ned, I made a commitment to myself that I would break into Ned’s shell. It took a lot of unreturned phone calls every other week, but I did it, and we are now good friends.

About Rich
Friend of mine since the summer of 1983. We hung out occasionally in the first 10 years, and only a couple of times a year in the last 10 years. I loved to watch him play music with his band, but I was not into the club scene for the last 15 years or more so had not seen a show of his since then.  Rich was diagnosed bipolar in the spring of 2005 as he had been wildly manic for months, and always had been touchy and explosive when hammered on alcohol. Once he started medication he got extremely depressed. He did get the old band together for a reunion show on his birthday, before he got so depressed, but I could not stomach the idea of going to a club that night so I blew it off.

The few times I did see him he would say, “Bob, we gotta talk. But not now.” I tried the same method I used on Ned , leaving a message every other week or so, but Rich died before calling me back. Rest in peace Rich.

About T&E
Bob’s mother and T’s mother met when we were both in strollers. Going to the same school every year, except for one, through high school. We would hang out together, riding bikes around the neighborhood as kids, and going to the beach every Wednesday during the summer. We also loved to snow ski at Mammoth Ca. Then after private high school, he went to Community College and I went to The University of California.

Shortly after Community College he married his high school sweet-heart E. They have been married for over 20 years now. No kids yet, and they seem to like it that way. They know how to throw a party and have a solid group of friends in the neighborhood that they live in just a couple of miles from where T and I grew up.

T worked as an elevator mechanic for 10 years. After many unreasonable requests from the company’s owner T quit and started his own business. He has had a successful wrought iron gate and fence company ever since. To contact T for an iron installation or repair in Burbank, Ca. email {pic of email address comming soon}.


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