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Hi, My name is Bob.

Please take some time and read my rants, you may find something of interest. My plan for this site is to inform and educate people with Bipolar Disorder and their loved ones. By reading my BLOG I hope you will learn from my years of dealing with affective disorder. I know that I have been very lucky with this illness as the bipolar family of illnesses has multiple categories ( I think there are four types in the DSM IV ) and I believe this actually encompasses hundreds of different defects in brain chemistry. After seeing such widely varying reactions and results to the myriad of drugs currently available I don’t know what else to think. I hope that the writing of these entries is both cathartic for me and also gives me some further insight to my own specific illness too.

For now the 2nd BLOG is private communication between Bob and his therapist George. If that proves to develope valuable content, we will consider making that public to some degree in the future.


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