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March 25, 2007

60 Minutes brings up a question, (and more poker)

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First off, I know that 60 Minutes on CBS has been known for distortions of facts to fit story lines they choose.  That being said,  they had a Muslim man who was active in recruting British Muslims for terrorist activities.  When he questioned his handles about justifications for his actions, they recommended ‘re-programing’.  He was offended and left the fold (at great personal risk) (I  doubt going on 60 Minutes will make his old friends happy either.)  He was looking for religious leaders to teach him God’s plan, and they did not have answers.  So listening to this led me to the question,  

Why do the Muslim leaders brainwash the population to be hateful and murderous of other faiths?  —   An answer has come to me while I type but it does not justify anything, merely slight mittigation.  What I realized was this,  the United States Millatary brainwashes all of it’s members in what we call boot camp.  The blind acceptance of authority that is required in the Millatary heiarchy for the high pressure and time constraints that armed conflict brings.  I know it’s tough, I know you need troups to follow orders without question or discussion.  Brainwashing is quick and effective, both sides use it to create killers, and it leaves the survivors of brainwashing a mess in the years following their service. 


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