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March 17, 2007

Peace March in Hollywood

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Peace March in Hollywood
I went to the peace march put on by ANSWER in Hollywood today. I had plans to sell all my peace sign t-shirts there before the march started. I was sure that people would be crowding around hoping I had more. Well short story short, I sold only one. I just didn’t engage people. I got a few compliments on the design as I walked through the gathering for an hour before the march started. I had a shirt on, one slung over my arm, and a backpack with the first 2 dozen. One guy suggested to his girlfriend that she try to steal the sample while I was on a cigarette break. I saw the whole thing. I guess they both liked it, but I didn’t approach them and even give them a chance to buy one. Some kind of salesman I make. I would say that there were at least 3000 people there and the march went well. The one thing I noticed was that when someone with a megaphone tried to get a chant going not many people were joining in, not even in whispers. At times I felt like I was alone in my car on a crowded freeway, just following the herd. These were the people who came out at noon on Saturday, and that’s the limit of their participation. Some were really into it, drumming, dancing, chanting. But most wore an anti-Bush or peace symbol shirt, and donated a dollar for an ANSWER picket sign or had made their own sign to carry. It showed me of these highly motivated anti-war people, they are not at all a powerful force. The fault is my own, and because of that I’m probably projecting my own misgivings on the crowd. I guess that I can’t be mistaken about the lack of bodies there, I was expecting many more.


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