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March 11, 2007

Real Life Poker

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I entered a $25 Texas Hold’em tournament today. It was my first time in a real poker room and I thought there were a lot of people there on a Sunday afternoon. I was not happy with the structure as I thought it would be a not re buy event. As soon as we sat down, everyone at the table pulls out another $25 for and extra 1500 chips. There I am with only 500 and the big blind is starting at 50 chips. I don’t want to start this far behind so I begrudgingly pull out a second $25 to start out even. I had split one pot with top two pair, and folded pretty much everything else, when I get pocket queens. One of the bigger stacked guys raises to 600 and I just call. I’m telling myself fold if you see a K or A on the flop automatic. An ace comes, he goes all in, and I push my last 1100 in knowing he has an A. I just couldn’t help myself. Blank Blank on the turn and river and he wins with A 9 off. No one bagged on me, but I did make a quick exit. There was 5 minutes or so left until the first break, so I could have bought more chips, but I thought that for $50 I got some good entertainment even if it was only 3 or 4 hands I played. I guess that of the 5 tables I was the first one out as everyone else had been buying more chips. Not much sucess at my first try, but I did have fun. I need to find a cheaper game with lower starting blinds.


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