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February 27, 2007

Dreams, Two (make that three)

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#1 Thailand
Last night on a sit-com I was watching, they mentioned Thai food, so I dreamed about going to Thailand. First I’m on a plane as it’s landing, and as we hit the ground the landing gear fails and the plane tips to the left. We slide on our side for a bit, while I look for and emg exit. Nobody can see a way out and panic soon ensues. Then I find myself on a train in Thailand going who knows where. The train pitches to the left too, and I’m on another wild ride. That is over in a flash and now we are outside checking into a hotel. I have my room key and am having a cigarette while the rest of the group checks into the hotel. The last lady to get her key is an older American lady in traditional Thai dress. She turns to me and says something derogatory about both my smoking and my sloppy dress. They are the cigarettes that I always smoke, and a typical t-shirt and shorts. I don’t remember what she said, or my curt retort, but after that quick exchange I simply turn and walk away.

#2 Al, Keith and Billy Bob
So another common subject of my dreams is my old job as a product engineer. I designed electronic equipment for recording and playing music. In this dream I am at work early and I am the only one in the engineering department. I liked working ‘off hours’ as I could get much more work done without interruption. I’m at a computer, and the CEO (the engineering brains of the outfit) comes over to get my help with something. He has some questions about the Spectrum Analyzer, and as I am the only one that ever uses it on a regular basis, he asks me. He wants to know how to customize the printouts, but I didn’t even know how to make it print anything. He shows me some printouts with awful super super bold fonts.

I ask what he is working on and he gives me the look that says, I’ll show you but you best keep it quite. As I follow him to the other end of the lab, the lab is now full of the regular compliment of engineers. He finds a seat and shows me a small sample of what he’s working on. “Just look at how great this display looks. And it will only cost us less than $2.50 a unit.” he says. Then his best research guy peeks around the corner and says, “Now tell Bob how much you spent developing it.” As we continue talking a bit, more and more people come into the lab. Then someone whispers, that’s Billy Bob Thorten.

I make my way back to where I was working and see Billy Bob looking at some of our stuff in the engineering lab. You know, getting the full VIP tour. I can’t deal the the crowd, and even though I’d like to meet Billy Bob, I decide to make a quick exit and have a cigarette outside. As I walk through the warehouse, a girl asks me who I’m gonna smoke with this early in the morning. I just ignore her as I am in desperate need of the nicotine for stress relief. I use an exit that is always locked and find myself in a park.

I hop on my mountain bicycle and start riding wheelies. When my front tire is in the air it seems like I’m ten feet off the ground. I have several near crashes, and weave my way through oncoming foot traffic still riding a wheelie. Then below me is a naked chick. (quite a surprise as I rarely have sex dreams) I stop, hold the wheelie in place for a moment, and then dive off the bike, head first, into her crotch. A moment after I land, I wake up with a smile on my face.

I had a busy day yesterday, and I guess I had a busy night of dreams.

#3 Repeat
I now remember another one I had last night. It was a re-run. The electrical outlet in my home was shooting water out of itself like it had a garden hose behind it. I turn to my Mother and ask her what are we going to do in a shocked and upset tone. Mom’s face is also shocked, but she had nothing to say. I don’t know what this one is about, but I don’t like the feeling that I get when I see the water like that. I hope I can figure this one out before it becomes a recurring theme in my dreams.


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