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February 25, 2007

Last night’s dream ‘Detour’

Filed under: Dreams, Family — Bipolar Bob @ 12:49 pm

In my dream last night I was trying to get home. I have lived in the same apartment for 19 years now, and I still dream of the home that I grew up in. So I keep hitting detours and roads packed with cars. At one point I see my Dad stuck in a huge mess of cars ahead of me. I see a good sidestep around the crowd and try to tell him about it, but he never sees me and I take the exit alone. I keep turning for home but can’t get there. – – Then I am at home, in the bathroom getting ready for High School. (Strange in itself, because most every day I left for school before anyone else in the house was even awake to go to swimming workout) So as I come out of the bathroom, there is water running down the wall, and coming out of an electrical outlet like it has a garden hose behind it. I say, Dad, I think we have a problem with the water heater. He is at the breakfast table in a suit ready for work, and says something like we will have to fix it later, it’s time to go. – – Next I’m asleep on a perch like a cat. I find myself on the top of the china cabinet. At first I think it’s cool to be up there, but soon wonder how I got up there, and what Mom will say when she sees me up there. I try to climb down, but I have that dream paralysis thing were you can’t move no matter what you do. I’m stuck and struggling for a few moments and then I wake up safe in my own bed.


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