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February 17, 2007

Paranoia raising it’s head.

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Grandiose and paranoid, that’s what today was. (yesterday now, it’s 3AM) I was in Venice with Ned and as I sat in the parking lot, a police motorcycle parked 15 feet behind me. He talked with the people coming and going as he stood in the shade. Ned made a second stop a few blocks down, and while parked on the street I start watching the police cars 2 or 3 in less than 5 minutes. I even suspect the woman who parks behind me and sits for 4 minutes before getting out of her car. It didn’t look like she was listening to the radio or anything, then she slowly walked by my car and into a business 4 doors away. A woman shuffles by looking a bit shabby but not so bad. I figure that she’s in on it too. 1 minute later she is walking back towards me. Ned gets back after a few minutes and I feel good to be rolling. Another minute later and I’m suspecting one car behind me is a tail. They turn off and I suspect another. Luckily no one followed down his street. The whole way home it was the same except for 3 or 4 minutes of not spotting the tail. I was so glad to be home and smoking a cigarette. I wonder why I saw so many cops in Venice today? Are the Feds watching me? I haven’t asked that last question in lots of years.


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