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February 16, 2007

I quit my job.

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So I gave my boss a bill for services rendered the other day. Granted that there was one line item that was a suprise to her, but I think that my assumption was more fair than her’s regarding it, but I felt offended personally by her reaction. I was so upset (heart pounding, chest heaving) I could not discuss her transgression. The major part of her defense was the manic viewpoints of her ex boyfriend. The one that I defended her from when he was threatning her life. She also questined my integrity as a friend. This after I help her every time she has the slightest difficulty since she locked him out about a year ago. I’m sure that she thinks it’s a manic move on my part, but she is so wrong if that’s what she actually thinks. I do feel the slilghtest bit sorry at times, as we were good friends for over 10 years, but all that I can see right now is all the taking she has done from me in the last year.

I now need a new job. Does anyone out there know a “REAL” way to make money on the internet without committing fraud or anything illegal or scummy like email fishing and spamming?


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