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February 13, 2007

Mood is smoothing out

Filed under: Diary, Rant — Bipolar Bob @ 11:23 am

Well my sleep has gotten back to normal, and I’m not so frantic about about this website stuff either. Now that I think that I have Word Press figured out I have calmed down a lot. I still have not taken much of a look at what’s out there already on other BLOGs about Bipolar Disorder. I should take a look at what other BLOGs are doing.

My problem these days is a mild but always ready to flare road rage. If anyone does even the slightest thing that doesn’t conform to my frame of etiquette and driving rules, I go nuts. I don’t blow up at them, but if you are in the car with me you’ll get and ear full of swear words. I just let these idiots drive my heart rate up. I know it’s just because they don’t know any better, or are too busy on the the blackberry or phone. I don’t really mind the ones that are in a hurry and have to cut me off, they will crash into someone soon enough. As long as they don’t hit me, I just try to give them a wide berth and let them go. But if you stick me behind a red light cause you can’t pull into the intersection to get ready for a left turn, you are gonna get the horn. That’s a big one in my neighborhood, lots of traffic and lefts can be tough, so there is a lot of left turn arrows. When you get that arrow, get a move on, it doesn’t last all day. I just wish it wouldn’t effect me so deeply. It’s so petty. I got no place to go. It doesn’t matter if I miss two or three lights on the way to lunch, I’ll eat 5 minutes later. What’s to get upset about. Now that I’m getting better sleep it’s really not as bad, but I keep mutter under my breath filthy obscenities.


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